Welcome to 2018! Your new Council is looking forward to a great year ahead as well as working together over the next four year term. We are pleased and proud that you have chosen us as your new Alberta Beach Council.

Jim Benedict - Mayor

Angela Duncan - Deputy Mayor

Bud Love - Councillor

Judy Valiquette - Councillor

Daryl Weber - Councillor

We would like to begin by welcoming new members to our municipal team, our Public Works Manager, Jason Madge and Development Officer, Paul Hanlan.

As you drive into the Village I am sure you have seen the construction in progress on the Wild Water Commission water truck fill station which is scheduled for completion in March of this year. It will be a great advantage to the Village, and some day we may have city water to our homes.

Last Spring Alberta Beach launched our Blue Bag Recycling Program, to date it has been a huge success; please keep up the good work! April 1st is the start up date for the revitalization of 47th Street, you will see culverts, curbs and sidewalks installed on the south side of the road from 50th Avenue going East to Rail Grade Road. This project will enhance the entrance to our Village. Our drainage and paving plan is still going forward as grant dollars allow.

The R.C.M.P. has agreed once again to offer Enhanced Policing patrols in the summer and they have been utilizing their field office that is set up in our administration building, offering year round patrols.

Our Fire Department has had a busy year, responding to 40 emergency calls, including 3 structure fires just in our little Village. We encourage all residents to review their home owner's insurance policies and talk to your agents, ensuring you have proper Fire Suppression Insurance coverage. Onoway Regional Fire Services is also holding a recruitment drive, looking for volunteers to join the fire department as paid on call members. This is a great way to serve your community, learn a new skill and meet new people. We are also investigating the option of purchasing water storage tanks, so as to have available year round water supply for fire suppression, another benefit would include the possibility of receiving a superior tanker shuttle service rating by the Fire Underwriters Laboratories. This rating would greatly reduce insurance rates for all ratepayers in the Village of Alberta Beach. We will keep you informed.

As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns or would just like to sit down and have a coffee with myself or any member of Council, please contact the Village Office to set up an apointment, we will strive to make ourselves available. As a reminder, Council meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Alberta Beach Council Chambers at the Village Office, everyone is welcome. I encourage you to get involved in your community, because when we get involved, we can make a positive difference.

Don't forget the Alberta Beach & District Lion's Club SnoMo Days being held on February 17th - 19th. Come out and enjoy the events!

Jim Benedict, Mayor